In addition to providing exceptional IT and Satellite services to our current U.S. War fighters, SimbaCom strongly believes in giving back to those who have served. SimbaCom prides itself on providing competitive jobs and life-long careers for Disabled Veterans.

 Mr. Michael Bressette

Simba Enterprises’ Vice President of Global Field Operations, Mr. Michael Bressette Jr., is a disabled veteran who has been with SimbaCom since 2010. Bressette exercises his talents at Simba headquarters in Leesburg, VA in addition to various sites OCONUS.
Michael Bressette

 Sissy Johnson

Sissy Johnson, also a Disabled Veteran, is our Senior Field Service Representative. Additionally, she plays AFSO and COMSEC managerial roles. She has been a key member of the SimbaCom team since October 2016. Sissy spends most of her time at headquarters, but looks forward to being out in the field and eventually re-deploying to some of our locations OCONUS.
Sissy Johnson