Military Advisory Board Members

It takes a TEAM to make every mission a success

LTG John Sylvester, US Army (Ret)
United States Army Special Operations Command

Active Duty 1967-2005 Currently on the Board of Directors, Siemens Government Technologies. A member of the Texas A&M Hall of Fame for his combat and leadership skills. Last duty assignment was Chief of Staff EUCOM after being the CG in the Balkans.

Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills, USMC (Ret)
United States Army

Active Duty 1975-2015 Currently serves as President & CEO of the Marine Corps University Foundation. His last Duty assignment was CG, Marines Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North. Prior to that he was the CG, Marine Corp Combat Development Command after retuning from Afghanistan in 2011.

Lt. Gen. Tom Waskow, USAF (Ret)
Special Operations Command

Active Duty 1970-2005 1970 Graduate of the USAF Academy. The only pilot in USAF history with three Distinguished Flying Crosses (DFC) in one combat tour (Vietnam). Last duty assignment was CG, USFJ.

RADM Michael Browne, USNR (Ret)
United States Naval Command

USNA Class of 1980 served until 2021 (41 years). Was with IBM 24 years as part of their R&D division and until his 2021 retirement.