About Simba Enterprises, LLC

Founded in 2005 by President and CEO Mr. Ali Sajjad, Simba Enterprises, LLC  is a certified SDB, HubZone company headquartered just 40 miles outside of Washington, D.C in Leesburg, Virginia. Simba Enterprises is a small business providing advanced performance in the delivery of professional services, strategic telecommunications, and information management solutions. We have outstanding references from our military and commercial clients that consistently report on our stellar support services around our core strength in commercial Satellite telecommunications and Information Technology support services now demonstrated at more than 45 Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan.

Simba Enterprise’s qualified personnel, most of whom have advanced engineering degrees, specialize in VSAT deployments, voice over IP, OMT and RF Integrations, IP Networking and information technology implementations. The Simba Enterprises team has deployed turnkey telecommunications solutions globally and we provide a full range of program management and professional support services. Our capabilities include system design, engineering, test and evaluation, supply chain logistics, and technology life cycle management.

At Simba Enterprises, our mission is to provide advanced performance and quality solutions that enable our customers to consistently achieve their strategic objectives.



Any time, anywhere and under any conditions, Simba Enterprises provides secure end-to-end communications solutions engineered to meet the most demanding requirements. From command centers in the United States to the most remote forward operating bases in Afghanistan, our best fit solutions are designed to enable your communications to flow seamlessly — under the most arduous conditions. 



Whether your agency needs “just-in-time” emergency disaster recovery communications or merely dedicated, always-on secure communications, Simba Enterprises can provide you with the most cost-effective communications and information technology solutions — tailored to meet your unique specifications.  



As a successful provider of advanced communications and IT solutions to demanding customers with the highest standards of excellence and performance, Simba Enterprises also offers advance satellite communications — to commercial entities seeking quality solutions, services and performance.



Representatives of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) often work in remote locations where modern wireline telecommunications are not available. To service the needs of NGO personnel, Simba Enterprises provides communications, Internet access and Voice Over IP (VOIP) services in the most austere environments — anywhere in the world.